Finding The Right Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer

Are you searching for an asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer? Construction industry is growing at a fast pace all around the world and this has led to huge demand of asphalt mix. This huge increase in demand has made making of asphalt mix a very profitable activity for businesses involved in this activity. If you want to take advantage of this huge opportunity, you can also become a supplier of asphalt mix by setting up your own plant. When you start searching for an asphalt drum mix plant, you will find that there are a number of asphalt drum mix plant suppliers. If you have never bought an asphalt mixing plant, you will find it challenging to find a reliable supplier.

Notice the raw materials manufacturers used

drum mix plant

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all the suppliers of these plants are similar and there is no difference in the quality of plant supplied by different companies. While the basics remain the same, there is a lot of difference in the quality of materials used by the manufacturers as well as the after sales service offered by these companies. Therefore, you need to make sure that the material used for making the plant is of high quality and the manufacturer is also known for offering excellent after sales service.

To check the quality of materials used for making this plant, you should check the specifications on the website of manufacturing company. Almost all the companies involved in the manufacturing of these plants and other similar equipment have their own websites. On these websites, you will find different models made by the company along with specifications of each model. So, you should compare the specifications of different models drum plant made by different companies and arrive at a model that suits your requirements.

Compare different manufacturers

asphalt drum mix plant

Once you have chosen a model that you want to buy, it is now time for you to compare different manufacturers. The best way to compare different manufacturers is to check their reputation as well as quality of machinery supplied by them and after sales service offered by them. The right way to check the reputation of a company is to search for their name online and find reviews from their past buyers. You should also get in touch with other buyers who have bought a similar plant from these companies to know more about their overall experience in dealing with the company while buying the plant as well as after buying the plant.

Once you are still satisfied with the reputation as well as after sales service offered by the company, it is recommended to ask for estimates from at least 2 to 3 different companies. It is also important that you do not restrict your search to only a few companies locally. You should also search for overseas manufacturers. There are several manufacturers in different countries and they are known to supply high quality equipment at affordable prices. You should get in touch with local suppliers as well as overseas suppliers in order to find a supplier who offers the best value for your money when it comes to buying a continuous type drum mix plant:

Qualities Of Elite Asphalt Plant Manufacturers

With asphalt plant manufacturers, you want someone that is going to be able to handle the demands that are put on them. There’s no value in choosing a setup that is rushed or doesn’t have the qualities you are on the lookout for as a new client.

Here are the main qualities that should be on your mind before investing in a new asphalt batching plant.

asphalt plant portable
asphalt plant portable

Great Innovation

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to keeping things simple and ensuring you are heading down the right path. Keep it as simple and go with a asphalt plant company that innovates.

Low Price Point

What is the price that is being charged on the drum mix plant?

This is a quality that is going to be on the top of your mind as it should be. You only want to go with someone that has a low asphalt mixing plant price point and is going to keep things as simple as you want them to be.

Anything else is just not going to cut it!

asphalt mix plant
asphalt mix plant

Trusted in the Industry

Always go with someone that is respected in the industry as a professional business and is only going to put their best foot forward. If you have doubts with their quality then it is time to look elsewhere before you end up regretting the investment. Click here for more details:


Always go with those who are quick on their feet and do have a proper setup in place when it comes to asphalt plants for sale. You don’t want to go with those who are wasting time or missing deadlines because that is only going to hamper your business in the long-term.

Great Customer Service

How are they as a business when it comes to handling your problems?

If you end up getting a mobile asphalt plant for sale and there are issues that pop up, are they going to be able to manage them for you or are they going to brush you off? This is an important question to ask.

portale asphalt plant sale
portale asphalt plant sale

Professional Communicators

No one likes the idea of dealing with those looking to rush the process because it leads to additional issues down the road. You want someone that is able to recognize what you are after and will be able to adapt as soon as the changes are made. This is what it all comes down to as you look to figure things out and nail them down as soon as you can. With the help of a good fit, you are going to be on top of the world and it will be worth it as soon as the hot mix plant for sale is set up.

Go with those who are ready to talk and are always going to put your needs first. This is a must!

These are the qualities you want to think about with elite asphalt plant manufacturers because anything else isn’t going to cut it. You want to go with those who are serious about their business and will always make sure to offer something meaningful when it comes to investments.

Look For A Company That Makes A Reliable Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

When you need a hot asphalt batching plant, you want to make sure that you find a trusted manufacturer. How do you know which of the plants you need? Part of the equation is all about what you specifically need to look at in terms of your business and what would work best. But you certainly need to be looking for a reliable asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer as well.

asphalt drum mix plant
asphalt drum mix plant

Features of asphalt drum mix plant

Have you heard of the batch heater? That is one of your options in terms of the types of plants available. Then there is the continuous mix plant. You get that continuous asphalt mix flow that you might need. In other words, you’re not going to be making small batches of asphalt with one of these plants. Is that what you are looking for?

One thing about the continuous mix plant is that the processes involved are quite simple. When you take a look at asphalt batch plant manufacturers china, you are going to want to see which types of plants they are known for. To be sure, you are going to find that there are manufacturers that produce both types of plants. You are going to have to decide if you need a continuous mix plant or a batch heater.

drum mix asphalt plant
drum mix asphalt plant

Look for a suitable model for your projects

You are also going to have to decide on the capacity of the plant you need. When you look at the various capacities available, you’re going to see all different sizes. In general, asphalt drum mix plant includes small type asphalt plant, medium type and large type plant. Are you looking to purchase a plant that is more mobile, providing you with that flexibility? There are also asphalt drum mixers on wheels, meaning the trucks that carry asphalt to use at job sites.

It all comes down to what your business needs. Yet knowing what you need is only half the battle. You’re going to have to be sure that you’re contacting one of the best manufacturers so that you get the plant that you need for your business. A batch plant is great for those smaller projects, but perhaps you have much larger projects planned.

small type asphalt plant
small type asphalt plant

Find a reliable asphalt plant manufacturer

You want a plant that is going to make it easy on you to make the mixes you need for your business. As you work to find the best manufacturer and the best asphalt manufacturing plant for sale, pay attention to features, specifically automated features. You’re going to have to make a big investment, and so you want to know that operating the machinery is also going to be financially feasible. The automated features help ensure labor costs are low and that the machine runs efficiently.

You’re going to notice some of the big names in the asphalt batching plant industry right away. You still want to look closer at the companies to see which ones you can count on. You want to know which companies make reliable asphalt drum mixers, and take a look at warranties. What the companies say about their products matters. This is a drum mix plant that you want to use to produce batch after batch of hot asphalt.

Things You Need To Consider When You Choose A Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

drum mix plant
drum mix plant

What is an asphalt drum mix plant? It is machinery that can mix asphalt, aggregate and mineral filler, in the correct consolidation, to build an asphalt mixture under defined temperature. What sets the asphalt drum mix plant apart is that it dries and mixes in the same drum, simplifying the process, making it suitable for construction sites where large amounts of asphalt mixtures are needed, such as with highways, parking lots and airports. You can learn more about this efficient drum asphalt mixing plant.

This is equipment that comes with a significant price, even when it is bought used. Therefore, purchasing a plant should not be taken lightly when it comes to a company’s bottom line. Before purchasing one of these plants, you need to understand what you’re buying before you invest your money. Here are things you need to consider when you choose a drum asphalt batching plant:

continuous drum type mix plant
continuous drum type mix plant

1. Decide What Plant Is Best For Your Company

The traditional plant is the batch plant. These are simple in design, and the mix is manually controlled by the plant operator making a perfect mixture more possible to obtain than with an automatic process. This is a plus. The other plus of this type of plant is that there is an ability to switch mixes to tailor for a specific job. The downside of this kind of plant is that the drying and the mixing is not done in the same drum, as well as other differences. So the process takes longer. The bottom line? If you have the time and the flexibility, and if unique formulas are required, a batch plant may be best for your needs. On the other hand, a continuous plant is suitable for low operational costs, uninterrupted production and consistent quality of the aggregates. Only you can make the accurate determination, not the seller.

2. Size and Portable or Stationary Plant

asphalt mixing plant mobile
asphalt mixing plant mobile

The asphalt drum mixing plants come in a variety of sizes. Choose a size that will handle your company’s busiest months as a guideline. Also, you’ll need to consider asphalt mixing batch plant mobile or stationary. Some are small enough to be mobile and transferred from one job site to the next. Others are larger and are meant to be fixed. Keep in mind that the portable is usually more expensive than the stationary.

3. New or Used Plant

You don’t have to buy new equipment when you’re purchasing this equipment. When you purchase new, you know it will work, and if it doesn’t, it typically comes with a warranty for a specific number of years. In addition, you can receive help with questions and set-up. If you buy used, you can get an asphalt drum mix plant for less expensive. However, it’s often hard to know what kind of use the equipment had before it came to you. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to get as much information as you can about used equipment before you buy.

Don’t leave it up to the seller to decide what plant is right for you. Consider the above points before you purchase the equipment. Therefore, before you choose an asphalt plant, such as stationary plant, you need to find reliable stationary asphalt batch plant manufacturer.