Choose Small Scale Concrete Pumping Machine

It is hectic and labor intensive to mix and move concrete from one point to another in a construction site. With a concrete pump, you can make such tasks more manageable. These pumps are particularly important when constructing taller buildings. They effectively replace cranes.

Construction machines are an important part of the construction process, however small they are. The size of the construct determines the size of the concrete pump you need. While most large construction sites work well with larger machines, a small concrete pump for sale will work efficiently and faster in smaller constructions.

What is a small scale concrete pump machine?

A small concrete pump machine is a type of concrete pump that has a small size and therefore lower output. The output of the pumps is at about 40 cubic meters per hour. The overall task of the machine is to pump the concrete and well controlling where to place the concrete.

Directing where the concrete is needed can be done either manually, i.e., directing the end hose or a more accurate and articulate placing boom can be used to position the placing hose precisely where needed. Such a feature is essential as it makes the process faster, more comfortable and precise.

Features of the small concrete pump machine

The most outstanding feature of these types of concrete pumps is they are small in size. Therefore, concrete pumps can only produce a lesser amount of concrete per unit time.
The small concrete pumps usually come with concrete mixers. You do not need to mix the concrete separately then feed on the machine. It will do the mixing then pump the concrete to the required site.

The small size comes with the advantage of portability. Mostly, the concrete pumps are mounted on a truck, while some are truck mixer concrete pumps, makes it easier to pull them around. This feature has made the small concrete pump machine fit for projects such as bridge and slope protection construction.

While the majority of the pumps are movable, a few are static. The static type is usually mounted on a trailer and towed or separately transported to areas of a job. Such type of small scale concrete pump machine requires a separate attachment of pipeline (concrete placing hoses) to reach a place where concrete is needed.

Advantages of small scale concrete pumps

Concrete pumps have a significant advantage over other methods of conveying concrete such as the use of cranes and buckets. Such benefits include;

•A constant flow of concrete: the concrete pumps concrete as fast as the mixer discharges into them.
•The concrete is placed directly to the place you need, thanks to the concrete hoses that direct the concrete to the specific areas. For the manual type, you’ll direct using your hands while the mobile types have dedicated placing boom.
•Saves on cost of labor: the machine reduces the number of people needed to distribute concrete because the hose pipes deliver the concrete to the correct places.
•The small size of the pumps makes them be used in areas that are sloppy or areas that do not require much weight.

What makes the small concrete pumps famous?

The mini concrete pump manufacturers focus on advancing their technology, leading to the production of machines that perform optimally. These machines are;
•Easy to operate
•Have a stable performance
•Simple maintenance
•Have a longer working life
•Adjustable conveyance height
•High suction capacity
•Ease of movement
•Have remote control to make the operation easier


Small concrete pump machines come with features that enable them to work flawlessly. The pumps have high-quality control systems thanks to precision manufacturing. Apart from conveying concrete, the pumps can convey mortar, green soil, small aggregate, and fiber concrete among other material.

You can choose between an electric and a diesel-powered concrete pump. The choice you make depends on your location and construction needs. Besides, the most lubrication systems in the machine are automatic and centralized a feature that ensures sufficient lubrication during its operation.

Final thoughts

Small Scale Concrete Pump Machine comes in different models. All the models are precise and versatile in functioning. The use of these small concrete machines is useful in numerous construction applications. You cannot ignore their importance. With continued innovations, the output per hour of these machines will improve.